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The following preprints are part of the Isaac Newton Institute preprint series, and were submitted during the special semester (MAA) on Model theory and Applications to Algebra and Analysis which was held in Cambridge during the period January - July 2005.
  • 040. R Moosa, P Speissegger, S Starchenko Compactness of cycle spaces and definability in o-minimal expansions of Ran
  • 039. Y Peterzil, S Starchenko Computing o-minimal topological invariants using differential topology
  • 038. Y Peterzil, S Starchenko Complex analytic geometry and analytic-geometric categories
  • 036. J-M Lion, P Speissegger The theorem of the complement for sub-Pfaffian sets
  • 035. A Martin-Pizarro, FO Wagner Supersimplicity and quadratic extensions
  • 034. A Baudisch, A Martin-Pizarro, M Ziegler On fields and colors
  • 029. MJ Edmundo, GO Jones, NJ Peatfield Sheaf cohomology in o-minimal structures
  • 026. A Borovik, J Burdges, G Cherlin Involutions in groups of finite Morley rank of degenerate type
  • 025. A Berkman, A Borovik, J Burdges A generic identification theorem for L*-groups of finite Morley rank
  • 024. M Aschenbrenner, R Moosa, T Scanlon Strongly minimal groups in the theory of compact complex spaces
  • 016. O Frécon Around unipotence in groups of finite Morley rank

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