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Preprint Number 1620

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1620. Nathanaël Mariaule
Expansions of the p-adic numbers that interprets the ring of integers

Submission date: 27 May 2019


Let \widetilde ℚ_p be the field of p-adic numbers in the language of rings. In this paper we consider the theory of \widetilde ℚ_p expanded by two predicates interpreted by multiplicative subgroups α^ℤ and β^ℤ where α, β in ℕ are multiplicatively independent. We show that the theory of this structure interprets Peano arithmetic if α and β have positive p-adic valuation. If either α or β has zero valuation we show that the theory of (\widetilde ℚ_p, α^ℤ, β^ℤ does not interpret Peano arithmetic. In that case we also prove that the theory is decidable iff the theory of (\widetilde ℚ_p, α^ℤ ˙ β^ℤ) is decidable.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C65, 03C10

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Full text arXiv 1905.11146: pdf, ps.

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