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Preprint Number 1344

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1344. Thanases Pheidas and Xavier Vidaux
Hilbert's tenth problem for complex meromorphic functions in several variables

Submission date: 26 November 2017


We prove an analogue of Hilbert's Tenth Problem for complex meromorphic functions. More precisely, we prove that the set of integers is positive existentially definable in fields of complex meromorphic functions in several variables over the language of rings, together with constant symbols for two of the independent variables and the set of constants, a unary relation symbol for non-zero functions, and a unary relation symbol for evaluation at a fixed point (a place). We obtain a similar result for analytic functions, where the place appears in the language as a binary predicate. In both cases, we only require the functions to be meromorphic (or analytic) on a set containing C in one of the variables (it can be germs in all the other variables).

Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary 03B25, Secondary 32A10, 32A20

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Full text arXiv 1711.09412: pdf, ps.

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