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1913. Gal Binyamini and David Masser
Effective André-Oort for non-compact curves in Hilbert modular varieties

Submission date: 16 January 2021


This is a research note containing proof sketches, full proofs will be provided in a paper in preparation

In the proofs of most cases of the André-Oort conjecture, there are two different steps whose effectivity is unclear: the use of generalizations of Brauer-Siegel and the use of Pila-Wilkie. Only the case of curves in C^2 is currently known effectively (by other methods).
We give an effective proof of André-Oort for non-compact curves in every Hilbert modular surface and every Hilbert modular variety of odd genus (under a minor generic simplicity condition). In particular we show that in these cases the first step may be replaced by the endomorphism estimates of Wüstholz and the second author together with the specialization method of André via G-functions, and the second step may be effectivized using the Q-functions of Novikov, Yakovenko and the first author.

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Full text arXiv 2101.06412: pdf, ps.

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