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1332. Marianela Castillo Fernández, Xavier Vidaux and Carlos R. Videla
Julia Robinson numbers and arithmetical dynamic of quadratic polynomials

Submission date: 1 November 2017


For rings O_K of totally real algebraic integers, J. Robinson defined a set which is always { +∞ } or of the form [ λ, +∞) or (λ,+∞) for some real number λ ≥ 4. All known examples give either { +∞ } or [4,+∞). In this paper, we construct infinitely many fields such that the set is an interval, but not equal to [4,+∞).

Mathematics Subject Classification: 11R04, 11R32, 11R80, 37P05 (primary), 11R09, 11R11 (secondary)

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Full text arXiv 1711.00490: pdf, ps.

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