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Preprint Number 338

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338. Mark N. Berman, Jamshid Derakhshan, Uri Onn, Pirita Paajanen
Uniform cell decomposition with applications to Chevalley groups

Submission date: 15 June 2011.


We express integrals of definable functions over definable sets uniformly for non-Archimedean local fields, extending results of Pas. We apply this to Chevalley groups, in particular proving that zeta functions counting conjugacy classes in congruence quotients of such groups depend only on the size of the residue field, for sufficiently large residue characteristic. In particular, the number of conjugacy classes in a congruence quotient depends only on the size of the residue field. The same holds for zeta functions counting dimensions of Hecke modules of intertwining operators associated to induced representations of such quotients.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 20G25, 03C10, 03C98, 11M41

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Full text arXiv 1106.2885: pdf, ps.

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