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Preprint Number 2215

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2215. Alfred Dolich and John Goodrick
Topological properties of definable sets in ordered Abelian groups of burden 2

Submission date: 18 July 2022


We obtain some new results on the topology of unary definable sets in densely ordered Abelian groups of burden groups of burden 2. In the special case in which the structure has dp-rank 2, we show that the existence of an infinite definable discrete set precludes the definability of a set which is dense and codense in an interval, or of a set which is topologically like the Cantor middle-third set. If the structure has burden 2 and both an infinite discrete set D and a dense-codense set X are definable, then translates of X must witness the Independence Property. In the last section, an explicit example of an ordered Abelian group of burden 2 is given in which both an infinite discrete set and a dense-codense set are definable.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C45 (Primary), 03C64 (Secondary)

Keywords and phrases: Dp-minimality, burden, Abelian groups

Full text arXiv 2207.08741: pdf, ps.

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