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2287. Yvon Bossut (ICJ)
Kim-forking for hyperimaginaries in NSOP1 theories

Submission date: 21 October 2022


This is my master's thesis which i did under the supervisement of Frank O. Wagner.
We adapt the properties of Kim-independence in NSOP1 theories with existence proven in [5],[4] and [2] by Ramsey, Kaplan, Chernikov, Dobrowolski and Kim to hyperimaginaries by adding the assumption of existence for hyperimaginaries. We show that Kim-independence over hyperimaginaries satisfies a version of Kim's lemma, symmetry, the independence theorem, transitivity and witnessing. As applications we adapt Kim's results around colinearity and weak canonical bases from [8] to hyperimaginaries and give some new results about Lascar strong types and Kim-forking using boundedly closed hyperimaginaries.

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Full text arXiv 2210.14203: pdf, ps.

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