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1812. Johan Commelin, Philipp Habegger, Annette Huber
Exponential periods and o-minimality I

Submission date: 16 July 2020


Let α in ℂ be an exponential period. This is the first part of a pair of papers where we show that the real and imaginary part of α are up to signs volumes of sets definable in the o-minimal structure generated by ℚ, the real exponential function and sin|_{[0,1]}.
This is a weaker analogue of the precise characterisation of ordinary periods as numbers whose real and imaginary part are up to signs volumes of ℚ-semi-algebraic sets. Furthermore, we define a notion of naive exponential periods and compare it to the existing notions using cohomological methods. This points to a relation between the theory of periods and o-minimal structures.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 11G35, 14F25, 14F40, 14P10, 03C64

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Full text arXiv 2007.08280: pdf, ps.

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