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1303. Ziba Assadi and Saeed Salehi
On the Decidability of the Ordered Structures of Numbers

Submission date: 15 September 2017


The ordered structures of natural, integer, rational and real numbers are studied here. It is known that the theories of these numbers in the language of order are decidable and finitely axiomatizable. Also, their theories in the language of order and addition are decidable and infinitely axiomatizable. For the language of order and multiplication, it is known that the theories of N and Z are not decidable (and so not axiomatizable by a computably enumerable set of sentences). By Tarski's theorem, the multiplicative ordered structure of R is decidable also; here we prove this result directly and present an axiomatization. The structure of Q in the language of order and multiplication seems to be missing in the literature; here we show the decidability of its theory by the technique of quantifier elimination and after presenting an infinite axiomatization for this structure we prove that it is not finitely axiomatizable.

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Full text arXiv 1709.05157: pdf, ps.

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