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2292. Tobias Kaiser
Periods, Power Series, and Integrated Algebraic Numbers

Submission date: 2 November 2022.


Periods are defined as integrals of semialgebraic functions defined over the rationals. Periods form a countable ring not much is known about. Examples are given by taking the antiderivative of a power series which is algebraic over the polynomial ring over the rationals and evaluate it at a rational number. We follow this path and close these algebraic power series under taking iterated antiderivatives and nearby algebraic and geometric operations. We obtain a system of rings of power series whose coefficients form a countable real closed field. Using techniques from o-minimality we are able to show that every period belongs to this field. In the setting of o-minimality we define exponential integrated algebraic numbers and show that the Euler constant is an exponential integrated algebraic number. Hence they are a good candiate for a natural number system extending the period ring and containing important mathematical constants.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C64, 11J81, 13J05, 13J30, 14P10, 32B20, 51M25

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Full text arXiv 2211.01269: pdf, ps.

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