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1305. Jakob Schneider and Andreas Thom
A note on the normal subgroup lattice of ultraproducts of finite quasisimple groups

Submission date: 19 September 2017


In [A. Stolz and A. Thom, On the lattice of normal subgroups in ultraproducts of compact simple groups, PLMS 108(1), 2014] it was stated that the lattice of normal subgroups of an ultraproduct of finite simple groups is always linearly ordered. This is false in this form in most cases for classical groups of Lie type. We correct the statement and point out a version of 'relative' bounded generation results for classical quasisimple groups and its implications on the structure of the lattice of normal subgroups of an ultraproduct of quasisimple groups.

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Full text arXiv 1709.06286: pdf, ps.

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