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1435. Daniel Max Hoffmann
On Galois groups and PAC substructures

Submission date: 28 May 2018


We show that for an arbitrary stable theory T, a group G is profinite if and only if G occurs as a Galois group of some Galois extension inside a monster model of T.
We prove that any PAC substructure of the monster model of T has projective absolute Galois group. Moreover, any projective profinite group G is isomorphic to the absolute Galois group of some substructure P of the monster model. If T is omega-stable, then P can be chosen to be PAC. Finally, we provide a description of some Galois groups of existentially closed substructures with G-action in the terms of the universal Frattini cover. Such structures might be understood as a new examples of PAC structures.

Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary 03C50, Secondary 03C45, 03C95

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Full text arXiv 1805.11141: pdf, ps.

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