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Preprint Number 1143

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1143. Masahiro Shiota
Semialgebraic metric spaces and resolution of singularities of definable sets

Submission date: 14 January 2017


Consider the semialgebraic structure over the real field. More generally, let an ominimal structure be over a real closed field. We show that a definable metric space X with a definable metric d is embedded into a Euclidean space so that its closure is compact and the metric on the image induced by d is extended to a definable metric on the closure if and only if the limit of d(r(t);r(t)) is 0 as t converges to 0 for any definable continuous curve r from (0, 1] to X (Theorem 1). We also find two compact semialgebraic metric spaces over the real field which are isometric but not semialgebraically isometric (Theorem 2). A version of blow up is the key to the proof of Theorem 1. Using it in the same way, we prove a resolution of singularities of definable sets (Theorem 3). We prove the theorems by a constructive procedure.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C64, 14B12, 54E45

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Full text arXiv 1701.03858: pdf, ps.

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