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1634. T. G. Kucera, Anand Pillay
Almost Indiscernible Theories and Saturated Free Algebras

Submission date: 7 August 2019


We extend the concept of “almost indiscernible theory” introduced by Pillay and Sklinos in arXiv:1409.8604 (which was itself a modernization and expansion of Baldwin and Shelah (Algebra Universalis, 1983)), to uncountable languages and uncountable parameter sequences. Roughly speaking T is almost indiscernible if some saturated model is in the algebraic closure of an indiscernible set of sequences. We show that such a theory T is nonmultimensional superstable, and stable in all cardinals ≥ |T|. We prove a structure theorem for sufficiently large a-models M: Theorem 2.10 which states that over a suitable base, M is in the algebraic closure of an independent set of realizations of weight one types (in possibly infinitely many variables). We also explore further the saturated free algebras of Baldwin and Shelah in both the countable and uncountable context. We study in particular theories and varieties of R-modules, pointing out a counterexample to a conjecture from Pillay-Sklinos.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C45, 03C05, 03C60, 16D40

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Full text arXiv 1908.02712: pdf, ps.

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