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Preprint Number 209

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209. Alice Medvedev
Grouplike minimal sets in ACFA and in T_A

Submission date: 20 October 2009.


This paper is a generalization of a part of the author's PhD thesis. The thesis concerns minimal formulae in ACFA of the form "p lies on an algebraic curve A and s(x)=f(x)" for some dominant rational function f from A to s(A), where s is the automorphism. These are shown to be uniform in the Zilber trichotomy, and the pairs (A,f) that fall into each of the three cases are characterized. These characterizations are definable in families.
This paper covers approximately half of the thesis, namely those parts of it which can be made purely model-theoretic by moving from ACFA, the model companion of the class of algebraically closed fields with an endomorphism, to T_A, the model companion of the class of models of an arbitrary totally-transcendental theory T with an injective endomorphism, if this model-companion exists.
The full characterization is obtained from these intermediate results with heavy use of algebraic geometry: see the thesis or the forthcoming paper “Around Lattes functions”.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C45; 12L12; 03C60

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