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1619. Pablo Cubides Kovacsics and Jinhe Ye
Tame pairs, Definable types and Pro-definability

Submission date: 27 May 2019


We show (strict) pro-definability of spaces of definable types in various classical first order theories, including o-minimal expansions of divisible abelian groups, Presburger arithmetic, p-adically closed fields, real closed and algebraically closed valued fields and closed ordered differential fields.
As a particular case, we recover a result of Hrushovski and Loeser about the strict pro-definability of the stable completion of a definable set in algebraically closed valued fields. Furthermore, we prove strict pro-definability of some other distinguished subspaces of the type spaces, which could be viewed as model-theoretic analogue of Huber's analytification.
Our general strategy is to study the class of stably embedded pairs of models of the above mentioned theories. We show that such classes are elementary in the language of pairs and provide axiomatizations for some of their completions. In the o-minimal setting, our approach provides an alternative axiomatization for the theory of tame pairs defined by Lewemberg and van den Dries (also axiomatized by Pillay).

Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary 12L12, Secondary 03C64, 12J25

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Full text arXiv 1905.11059: pdf, ps.

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