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2178. Will Johnson
Topologizing interpretable groups in p-adically closed fields

Submission date: 2 May 2022


We consider interpretable topological spaces and topological groups in a p-adically closed field K. We identify a special class of “admissible topologies” with topological tameness properties like generic continuity, similar to the topology on definable subsets of K^n. We show every interpretable set has at least one admissible topology, and every interpretable group has a unique admissible group topology. We then consider definable compactness (in the sense of Fornasiero) on interpretable groups. We show that an interpretable group is definably compact if and only if it has finitely satisfiable generics (fsg), generalizing an earlier result on definable groups. As a consequence, we see that fsg is a definable property in definable families of interpretable groups, and that any fsg interpretable group defined over ℚ_p is definably isomorphic to a definable group.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C60

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Full text arXiv 2205.00749: pdf, ps.

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