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Preprint Number 633

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633. Krzysztof Jan Nowak
A counterexample concerning quantifier elimination in quasianalytic structures

Submission date: 4 October 2013.


This paper is a revised version of our preprints IMUJ Preprint 2012/04 and RAAG Preprint 343 from May 2012. It provides an example of a quasianalytic structure which, unlike the classical analytic structure, does not admit quantifier elimination in the language of restricted quasianalytic functions augmented by the reciprocal function. Our construction applies rectilinearization of terms as well as some theorems on power substitution for Denjoy-Carleman classes and on non-extendability of quasianalytic function germs.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C10, 26E10, 14P15, 03C64

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Full text arXiv 1310.1303: pdf, ps.

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