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2355. Jiang Yang, Pengfei He, Juntao Wang
On profiniteness and Hausdorffness of topological residuated lattices

Submission date: 22 February 2023


The aim of this paper is to study the profiniteness of compact topological residuated lattices and the existence of Hausdorff topological residuated lattices. Firstly, we study profinite residuated lattices and obtain sufficient and necessary conditions for profiniteness in compact topological residuated lattices. These conditions include topological and algebraic characterizations. Moreover, it order to study the existence of Hausdorf topological residuated lattices, we investigate finiteness conditions in residuated lattices. Finally, we investigate linear topological residuated lattices and give the class of residuated lattices that can be endowed with a non-trivial Hausdorff topology.

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Full text arXiv 2302.11333: pdf, ps.

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