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1660. Will Johnson
Dp-finite fields II: the canonical topology and its relation to henselianity

Submission date: 14 October 2019


We continue our earlier investigation of dp-finite fields. We show that the “heavy sets” of [5] are exactly the sets of full dp-rank. As a consequence, full dp-rank is a definable property in definable families of sets. If $I$ is the group of infinitesimals, we show that $1 + I$ is the group of multiplicative infinitesimals. From this, we deduce that the canonical topology is a field topology. Lastly, we consider the (unlikely) conjecture that the canonical topology is a V-topology. Assuming this conjecture, we deduce the classification of dp-finite fields conjectured by Halevi, Hasson, and Jahnke.

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Full text arXiv 1910.05932: pdf, ps.

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