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2285. Ngoc Hoang Anh Mai
Semi-algebraic description of the closure of the image of a semi-algebraic set under a polynomial

Submission date: 25 October 2022


Given a polynomial f and a semi-algebraic set S, we provide a symbolic algorithm to find the equations and inequalities defining a semi-algebraic set Q which is identical to the closure of the image of S under f, i.e.,
Consequently, every polynomial optimization problem whose optimum value is finite has an equivalent form with attained optimum value, i.e.,
min limits_{t ∈ Q} t =inf limits_{x∈ S} f(x)
whenever the right-hand side is finite. Given d as the upper bound on the degrees of f and polynomials defining S, we prove that our method requires O(d^{O(n)}) arithmetic operations to produce polynomials of degrees at most d^{O(n)} defining f(S).

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