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1815. Jamshid Derakhshan
p-adic model theory, p-adic integrals, Euler products, and zeta functions of groups

Submission date: 17 July 2020


We give a survey of Denef's rationality theorem on p-adic integrals, its uniform in p versions, the relevant model theory, and a number of applications to counting subgroups of finitely generated nilpotent groups and conjugacy classes in congruence quotients of Chevalley groups over rings of integers of local fields. We then state results on analytic properties of Euler products of such p-adic integrals over all p, and an application to counting conjugacy classes in congruence quotients of certain algebraic groups over the rationals. We then briefly discuss zeta functions arising from definable equivalence relations and p-adic elimination of imginaries, which have applications to counting representations of groups.

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Full text arXiv 2007.09242: pdf, ps.

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