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1384. Ayşe Berkman and Alexandre Borovik
Groups of finite Morley rank with a generically sharply multiply transitive action
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Submission date: 14 February 2018


We prove that if G is a group of finite Morley rank which acts definably and generically sharply n-transitively on a connected abelian group V of Morley rank n with no involutions, then there is an algebraically closed field F of characteristic ≠ 2 such that V has a structure of a vector space of dimension n over F and G acts on V as the group GL_n(F) in its natural action on F^n.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 20F11, 03C60

Keywords and phrases: groups of finite Morley rank, multiply transitive group actions

Full text arXiv 1802.05222: pdf, ps.

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