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1613. Brian Tyrrell
A New Universal Definition of 𝔽_q [t] in 𝔽_q (t).

Submission date: 14 May 2019


This paper gives a universal definition of 𝔽_q [t] in 𝔽_q(t) using 89 quantifiers, more direct than those that exist in the current literature. The language L_{rings, t} we consider here is the language of rings { 0, 1, +, -, ⋅ } with an additional constant symbol t. We then modify this definition marginally to universally define 𝔽_q [t] in 𝔽_q (t) without parameters, using 90 quantifiers. We assume throughout that the characteristic of 𝔽_q is odd.

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Full text arXiv 1905.05745: pdf, ps.

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