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1827. Philipp Rothmaler
Strict Mittag-Leffler modules and purely generated classes

Submission date: 4 August 2020


Journal reference: Contemporary Mathematics, Volume 751, 2020, 303--327.

We study versions of strict Mittag-Leffler modules relativized to a class K (of modules), that is, strict versions (in the technical sense of Raynaud and Gruson) of K-Mittag-Leffler modules, as investigated in the preceding paper, Mittag-Leffler modules and definable subcategories, in this very series (as well as the arXiv).

Mathematics Subject Classification: 16D40, 16B70, 16D80, 16S90

Keywords and phrases:

Full text arXiv 2008.01313: pdf, ps.

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