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935. Krzysztof Krupiński, Anand Pillay and Tomasz Rzepecki
Topological dynamics and the complexity of strong types

Submission date: 1st October 2015.


We develop topological dynamics for the group of automorphisms of a monster model of any given theory. In particular, we find strong relationships between objects from topological dynamics (such as the generalized Bohr compactification introduced by Glasner) and various Galois groups of the theory in question, obtaining essentially new information about them, e.g. we present the closure of the identity in the Lascar Galois group of the theory as the quotient of a compact, Hausdorff group by a dense subgroup.
We apply this to describe the complexity of bounded, invariant (not necessarily Borel) equivalence relations, obtaining comprehensive results, subsuming and extending the existing results and answering some open questions from earlier papers. We show that, in a countable theory, any such relation restricted to the set of realizations of a complete type over ∅ is type-definable if and only if it is smooth. Then we show a counterpart of this result for theories in an arbitrary (not necessarily countable) language, obtaining also new information involving relative definability of the relation in question. As a final conclusion we get the following trichotomy.

Let C be a monster model of a countable theory, p in S(∅), and E be a bounded, Borel (or even analytic) equivalence relation on p(C). Then, exactly one of the following holds:
a) E is relatively definable (on p(C)), smooth, and has finitely many classes,
b) E is not relatively definable, but it is type-definable, smooth, and has 2^{ℵ_0} classes,
c) E is not type definable and not smooth, and has 2^{ℵ_0} classes.

All the results which we obtain for bounded, invariant equivalence relations carry over to the case of bounded index, invariant subgroups of definable groups.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C45, 54H20, 03E15, 54H11

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Full text arXiv 1510.00340: pdf, ps.

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