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Preprint Number 375

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375. Annalisa Conversano, Anand Pillay
On Levi subgroups and the Levi decomposition for groups definable in o-minimal structures

Submission date: 11 November 2011.


We study analogues of the notions from Lie theory of Levi subgroup and Levi decomposition, in the case of groups G definable in an o-minimal expansion of a real closed field. With suitable definitions, we prove that G has a unique maximal ind-definable semisimple subgroup S, up to conjugacy, and that G = RS where R is the solvable radical of G. We also prove that any semisimple subalgebra of the Lie algebra of G corresponds to a unique ind-definable semisimple subgroup of G.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C64, 22E15

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Full text arXiv 1111.2369: pdf, ps.

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