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1362. Xavier Allamigeon, Stéphane Gaubert, Mateusz Skomra
The tropical analogue of the Helton-Nie conjecture is true

Submission date: 6 January 2018


Helton and Nie conjectured that every convex semialgebraic set over the field of real numbers can be written as the projection of a spectrahedron. Recently, Scheiderer disproved this conjecture. We show, however, that the following result, which may be thought of as a tropical analogue of this conjecture, is true: over a real closed nonarchimedean field of Puiseux series, the convex semialgebraic sets and the projections of spectrahedra have precisely the same images by the nonarchimedean valuation. The proof relies on game theory methods.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 90C22, 14P10, 12J25, 14T05

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Full text arXiv 1801.02089: pdf, ps.

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