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326. Alexandra Shlapentokh and Carlos Videla
Definability and Decidability in Infinite Algebraic Extensions

Submission date: 16 May 2011.


We use a generalization of a construction by Ziegler to show that for any field F and any countable collection of countable subsets A_i \subseteq F, i \in I \subset Z_{>0} there exist infinitely many fields K of arbitrary positive transcendence degree over F and of infinite algebraic degree such that each A_i is first-order definable over K. We also use the construction to show that many infinitely axiomatizable theories of fields which are not compatible with the theory of algebraically closed fields are finitely hereditarily undecidable.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C07, 03C20

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Full text arXiv 1105.2792: pdf, ps.

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