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Preprint Number 910

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910. Alice Medvedev

Submission date: 25 August 2015.


We show that many nice properties of a theory T follow from the corresponding properties of its reducts to finite subsignatures. If { T_i }_{i in I} is a directed family of conservative expansions of first-order theories and each T_i is stable (respectively, simple, rosy, dependent, submodel complete, model complete, companionable), then so is the union T := \cup_i T_i. In most cases, (thorn)-forking in T is equivalent to (thorn)-forking of algebraic closures in some T_i.
This applies to fields with an action by (Q, +), whose reducts to finite subsignatures are interdefinable with the theory of fields with one automorphism. We show that the model companion QACFA of this theory is strictly simple and has the same level of quantifier elimination and the same algebraic characterization of algebraic closure and forking independence as ACFA. The lattice of the fixed fields of the named automorphisms breaks supersimplicity in QACFA, but away from these we find many (weakly) minimal formulas.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C60, 12H10 (Primary)

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Full text arXiv 1508.06007: pdf, ps.

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