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2276. Márton Elekes, Boglárka Gehér, Tamás Kátay, Tamás Keleti, Anett Kocsis, Máté Pálfy
Generic properties of topological groups

Submission date: 6 October 2022


We study generic properties of topological groups in the sense of Baire category.
First we investigate countably infinite (discrete) groups. We extend a classical result of B. H. Neumann, H. Simmons and A. Macintyre on algebraically closed groups and the word problem. I. Goldbring, S. E. Kunnawalkam and Y. Lodha proved that every isomorphism class is meager among countably infinite (discrete) groups. In contrast, we show that there is a comeager isomorphism class among countably infinite (discrete) abelian groups.
Then we turn to compact metrizable abelian groups. We use Pontryagin duality to show that there is a comeager isomorphism class among compact metrizable abelian groups. We discuss its connections to the countably infinite (discrete) case.
Finally, we study compact metrizable groups. We prove that the generic compact metrizable group is neither connected nor totally disconnected; also it is neither torsion-free nor a torsion group.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03E15 (Primary) 22B05, 22C05 (Secondary)

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Full text arXiv 2210.03034: pdf, ps.

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