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Preprint Number 2088

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2088. Jaš Šemrl
Finite Representation Property for Relation Algebra Reducts

Submission date: 1 November 2021


The decision problem of membership in the Representation Class of Relation Algebras (RRA) for finite structures is undecidable. However, this does not hold for many Relation Algebra reduct languages. Two well known properties that are sufficient for decidability are the Finite Axiomatisability (FA) of the representation class and the Finite Representation Property (FRP). Furthermore, neither of the properties is stronger that the other, and thus, neither is also a necessary condition. Although many results are known in the area of FA, the FRP remains unknown for the majority of the reduct languages. Here we conjecture that the FRP fails for a Relation Algebra reduct if and only if it contains both composition and negation, or both composition and meet. We then show the right-to-left implication of the conjecture holds and present preliminary results that suggest the left-to-right implication.

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Full text arXiv 2111.01213: pdf, ps.

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