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Preprint Number 2340

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2340. Will Johnson
Dp-finite and Noetherian NIP integral domains

Submission date: 7 February 2023


We prove some results on NIP integral domains, especially those that are Noetherian or have finite dp-rank. If R is an NIP Noetherian domain that is not a field, then R is a semilocal ring of Krull dimension 1, and the fraction field of R has characteristic 0. Assuming the henselianity conjecture (on NIP valued fields), R is a henselian local ring. Additionally, we show that integral domains of finite dp-rank are henselian local rings. Finally, we lay some groundwork for the study of Noetherian domains of finite dp-rank, and we classify dp-minimal Noetherian domains.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C60

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Full text arXiv 2302.03315: pdf, ps.

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