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1664. Montserrat Casals-Ruiz, Albert Garreta, Javier de la Nuez González
On the positive theory of groups acting on trees

Submission date: 20 October 2019


We study the positive theory of groups acting on trees and show that under the presence of weak small cancellation elements, the positive theory of the group is trivial, i.e. coincides with the positive theory of a non-abelian free group. Our results apply to a wide class of groups, including non-virtually solvable fundamental groups of 3-manifold groups, generalised Baumslag-Solitar groups and almost all one-relator groups and graph products of groups. It follows that groups in the class satisfy a number of algebraic properties: for instance, their verbal subgroups have infinite width and, although some groups in the class are simple, they cannot be boundedly simple.
In order to prove these results we describe a uniform way for constructing (weak) small cancellation tuples from (weakly) stable elements. This result of interest in its own is fundamental to obtain corollaries of general nature such as a quantifier reduction for positive sentences or the preservation of the non-trivial positive theory under extensions of groups.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 20E08, 20E06, 20F06, 20F70, 03C07

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Full text arXiv 1910.09000: pdf, ps.

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