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Preprint Number 2191

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2191. Wiesław Kubiś, Piotr Nowakowski and Tomasz Rzepecki
Homogeneity of abstract linear spaces

Submission date: 26 May 2022


We discuss homogeneity and universality issues in the theory of abstract linear spaces, namely, structures with points and lines satisfying natural axioms, as in Euclidean or projective geometry. We show that the two smallest projective planes (including the Fano plane) are homogeneous and, assuming the continuum hypothesis, there exists a universal projective plane of cardinality ℵ_1 that is homogeneous with respect to its countable and finite projective subplanes. We also show that the existence of a generic countable linear space is equivalent to an old conjecture asserting that every finite linear space embeds into a finite projective plane.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 51A05, 51A10

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Full text arXiv 2205.13498: pdf, ps.

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