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2080. Masato Fujita and Tomohiro Kawakami and Wataru Komine
Tameness of definably complete locally o-minimal structures and definable bounded multiplication
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Submission date: 29 October 2021


We first show that the projection image of a discrete definable set is again discrete for an arbitrary definably complete locally o-minimal structure.
This fact together with the results in a previous paper implies tame dimension theory and decomposition theorem into good-shaped definable subsets called quasi-special submanifolds.

Using this fact, in the latter part of this paper, we investigate definably complete locally o-minimal expansions of ordered groups when the restriction of multiplication to an arbitrary bounded open box is definable.
Similarly to o-minimal expansions of ordered fields, {\L}ojasiewicz's inequality, Tietze extension theorem and affiness of psudo-definable spaces hold true for such structures under the extra assumption that the domains of definition and the psudo-definable spaces are definably compact.
Here, a pseudo-definable space is a topological spaces having finite definable atlases.
We also demonstrate Michael's selection theorem for definable set-valued functions with definably compact domains of definition.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C64

Keywords and phrases: locally o-minimal structures; definable bounded multiplication

Full text arXiv 2110.15613: pdf, ps.

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