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2203. Francesco Paolo Gallinaro
On Some Systems of Equations in Abelian Varieties

Submission date: 28 June 2022


We solve a case of the Abelian Exponential-Algebraic Closedness Conjecture, a conjecture due to Bays and Kirby, building on work of Zilber, which predicts sufficient conditions for systems of equations involving algebraic operations and the exponential map of an abelian variety to be solvable in the complex numbers. More precisely, we show that the conjecture holds for subvarieties of the tangent bundle of an abelian variety A which split as the product of a linear subspace of the Lie algebra of A and an algebraic variety. This is motivated by work of Zilber and of Bays-Kirby, which establishes that a positive answer to the conjecture would imply quasiminimality of certain structures on the complex numbers. Our proofs use various techniques from homology (duality between cup product and intersection), differential topology (transversality) and o-minimality (definability of Hausdorff limits), hence we have tried to give a self-contained exposition.

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Full text arXiv 2206.14074: pdf, ps.

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