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2078. Mark Kamsma
NSOP_1-like independence in AECats

Submission date: 26 October 2021


The classes stable, simple and NSOP_1 in the stability hierarchy for first-order theories can be characterised by the existence of a certain independence relation. For each of them there is a canonicity theorem: there can be at most one nice independence relation. Independence in stable and simple first-order theories must come from forking and dividing (which then coincide), and for NSOP_1 theories it must come from Kim-dividing.
We generalise this work to the framework of AECats (Abstract Elementary Categories) with the amalgamation property. These are a certain kind of accessible category generalising the category of (subsets of) models of some theory. We prove canonicity theorems for stable, simple and NSOP_1-like independence relations. The stable and simple cases have been done before in slightly different setups, but we provide them here as well so that we can recover part of the original stability hierarchy. We also provide abstract definitions for each of these independence relations as what we call isi-dividing, isi-forking and long Kim-dividing.

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Full text arXiv 2110.13667: pdf, ps.

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