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2073. Gabriel Conant, James Hanson
Separation for isometric group actions and hyperimaginary independence

Submission date: 14 October 2021


We generalize P. M. Neumann's Lemma to the setting of isometric actions on metric spaces and use it to prove several results in continuous logic related to algebraic independence. In particular, we show that algebraic independence satisfies the full existence axiom (which answers a question of Goldbring) and is implied by dividing independence. We also use the relationship between hyperimaginaries and continuous imaginaries to derive further results that are new even for discrete theories. Specifically, we show that if M is a monster model of a discrete or continuous theory, then bounded-closure independence in Mheq satisfies full existence (which answers a question of Adler) and is implied by dividing independence.

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Full text arXiv 2110.07763: pdf, ps.

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