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684. Francis Oger
Unfriendly or weakly unfriendly partitions of graphs

Submission date: 1 February 2014.


For each infinite cardinal κ and each graph G=(V,E), we say that a partition π:V \to {0,1} is κ-unfriendly if, for each x\in V, ||{y \in V | {x,y}\in E and π(y)\neq π(x)}|| is \geq ||{y\in V | {x,y}\in E and π(y)=π(x)}|| or \geq κ; π is unfriendly if the first property is true for each x\in V. Some uncountable graphs of infinite minimum degree without unfriendly partition have been constructed by S. Shelah and E.C. Milner, but it is not presently known if countable graphs without unfriendly partition exist. We show that, for each integer n, each graph of infinite minimum degree has an ω_n-unfriendly partition. We also prove that the following properties are equivalent: (i) each graph has an ω-unfriendly partition; (ii) each countable graph has an unfriendly partition; (iii) each countable graph without nonempty induced subgraph of infinite minimum degree has an unfriendly partition (actually it is enough to consider a smaller class of graphs).

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Full text arXiv 1402.0067: pdf, ps.

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