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Preprint Number 821

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821. Gal Binyamini
Bezout-type Theorems for Differential Fields

Submission date: 13 January 2015.


We prove analogs of the Bezout and the Bernstein-Kushnirenko-Khovanskii theorems for systems of algebraic differential conditions over differentially closed fields. Namely, given a system of algebraic conditions on the first l derivatives of an n-tuple of functions, which admits finitely many solutions, we show that the number of solutions is bounded by an appropriate constant (depending singly-exponentially on n and l) times the volume of the Newton polytope of the set of conditions. This improves a doubly-exponential estimate due to Hrushovski and Pillay.
We illustrate the application of our estimates in two diophantine contexts: to counting transcendental lattice points on algebraic subvarieties of semi-abelian varieties, following Hrushovski and Pillay; and to counting the number of intersections between isogeny classes of elliptic curves and algebraic varieties, following Freitag and Scanlon. In both cases we obtain bounds which are singly-exponential (improving the known doubly-exponential bounds) and which exhibit the natural asymptotic growth with respect to the degrees of the equations involved.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C60, 11F03, 12H05, 14G05

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Full text arXiv 1501.03121: pdf, ps.

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