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738. Dave Marker and Russell Miller
Turing degree spectra of differentially closed fields

Submission date: 13 June 2014.


The degree spectrum of a countable structure is the set of all Turing degrees of presentations of that structure. We show that every nonlow Turing degree lies in the spectrum of some differentially closed field (of characteristic 0, with a single derivation) whose spectrum does not contain the computable degree 0. Indeed, this is an equivalence, for we also show that every such field of low degree is isomorphic to a computable differential field. Relativizing the latter result and applying a theorem of Montalban, Soskova, and Soskov, we conclude that the spectra of countable differentially closed fields of characteristic 0 are exactly the jump-preimages of spectra of automorphically nontrivial countable graphs.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03D45 (Primary), 03C57, 12H05 (Secondary)

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Full text arXiv 1406.3637: pdf, ps.

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