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944. Michael Christ, James Demmel, Nicholas Knight, Thomas Scanlon, Katherine Yelick
On Holder-Brascamp-Lieb inequalities for torsion-free discrete Abelian groups

Submission date: 14 October 2015


Hölder-Brascamp-Lieb inequalities provide upper bounds for a class of multilinear expressions, in terms of Lp norms of the functions involved. They have been extensively studied for functions defined on Euclidean spaces. Bennett-Carbery-Christ-Tao have initiated the study of these inequalities for discrete Abelian groups and, in terms of suitable data, have characterized the set of all tuples of exponents for which such an inequality holds for specified data, as the convex polyhedron defined by a particular finite set of affine inequalities. In this paper we advance the theory of such inequalities for torsion-free discrete Abelian groups in three respects. The optimal constant in any such inequality is shown to equal 1 whenever it is finite. An algorithm that computes the admissible polyhedron of exponents is developed. It is shown that nonetheless, existence of an algorithm that computes the full list of inequalities in the Bennett-Carbery-Christ-Tao description of the admissible polyhedron for all data, is equivalent to an affirmative solution of Hilbert's Tenth Problem over the rationals. That problem remains open.
Applications to computer science will be explored in a forthcoming companion paper.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 26D15, 11U05

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Full text arXiv 1510.04190: pdf, ps.

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