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1468. Bruno Dinis, Mário J. Edmundo and Marcello Mamino
A general o-minimal fundamental group

Submission date: 25 July 2018


In this paper we work in an arbitrary o-minimal structure with definable choice and we prove that definably connected, locally definable manifolds are uniformly definably path connected, have an admissible cover by definably simply connected, open definable subsets and, definable paths and definable homotopies on such locally definable manifolds can be lifted to locally definable covering maps. These properties allow us to obtain the main properties of the general o-minimal fundamental group, including: invariance and comparison results; existence of universal locally definable covering maps; monodromy equivalence for locally constant o-minimal sheaves - from which one obtains, as in algebraic topology, classification results for locally definable covering maps, o-minimal Hurewicz and Seifert - van Kampen theorems.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C64, 20F34

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Full text arXiv 1807.09496: pdf, ps.

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