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2062. M. Malliaris and S. Shelah
Shearing in some simple rank one theories

Submission date: 26 September 2021


Dividing asks about inconsistency along indiscernible sequences. In order to study the finer structure of simple theories without much dividing, the authors recently introduced shearing, which essentially asks about inconsistency along generalized indiscernible sequences. Here we characterize the shearing of the random graph. We then use shearing to distinguish between the random graph and the theories T_{n,k}, the higher-order analogues of the triangle-free random graph. It follows that shearing is distinct from dividing in simple unstable theories, and distinguishes meaningfully between classes of simple unstable rank one theories. The paper begins with an overview of shearing, and includes open questions.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C45

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Full text arXiv 2109.12642: pdf, ps.

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