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Preprint Number 1983

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1983. Artem Chernikov, Ehud Hrushovski, Alex Kruckman, Krzysztof Krupinski, Slavko Moconja, Anand Pillay, Nicholas Ramsey
Invariant measures in simple and in small theories

Submission date: 15 May 2021


We give examples of (i) a simple theory with a formula (with parameters) which does not fork over the empty set but has mu measure 0 for every automorphism invariant Keisler measure mu, and (ii) a definable group G in a simple theory such that G is not definably amenable, i.e. there is no translation invariant Keisler measure on G We also discuss paradoxical decompositions both in the setting of discrete groups and of definable groups, and prove some positive results about small theories, including the definable amenability of definable groups, and nontriviality of the graded Grothendieck ring.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C45, 43A07

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Full text arXiv 2105.07281: pdf, ps.

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