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2026. Boris Zilber and Chris Daw
Modular curves and their pseudo-analytic cover

Submission date: 23 July 2021


We find a natural L_{ω_1,ω}-axiomatisation Σ of a structure on the upper half-plane ℍ as the covering space of modular curves. The main theorem states that Σ has a unique model in every uncountable cardinal.
The proof relies heavily on the theory of complex multiplication and the work on Langland's conjecture on the conjugation of Shimura varieties. We also use the earlier work on a related problem by C.Daw and A.Harris. The essential difference between the setting of this work and that of the current paper is that the former was in the language which named the CM-points of the modular curves while our results here are over ℚ.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C45, 11G18

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Full text arXiv 2107.11110: pdf, ps.

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