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1564. Jan Hubička, Matěj Konečný, Jaroslav Nešetřil
All those EPPA classes (Strengthenings of the Herwig-Lascar theorem)

Submission date: 11 February 2019.


In this paper we prove a general theorem showing the extension property for partial automorphisms (EPPA, also called the Hrushovski property) for classes of structures containing relations and unary functions, optionally equipped with a permutation group of the language. The proof is elementary, combinatorial and fully self-contained. Our result is a common strengthening of the Herwig-Lascar theorem on EPPA for relational classes with forbidden homomorphisms, the Hodkinson-Otto theorem on EPPA for relational free amalgamation classes, its strengthening for unary functions by Evans, Hubička and Nešetřil and their coherent variants by Siniora and Solecki. We also prove an EPPA analogue of the main results of J. Hubička and J. Nešetřil: “All those Ramsey classes (Ramsey classes with closures and forbidden homomorphisms)”, thereby establishing a common framework for proving EPPA and the Ramsey property.
Our results have numerous applications, we include a solution of a problem related to a class constructed by the Hrushovski predimension construction.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 05E18, 20B25, 22F50, 03C52

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Full text arXiv 1902.03855: pdf, ps.

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