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1752. Fedor Pakhomov and Alexander Zapryagaev
Multi-Dimensional Interpretations of Presburger Arithmetic in Itself

Submission date: 5 April 2020


Presburger Arithmetic is the true theory of natural numbers with addition. We study interpretations of Presburger Arithmetic in itself. The main result of this paper is that all self-interpretations are definably isomorphic to the trivial one. Here we consider interpretations that might be multi-dimensional. We note that this resolves a conjecture by A. Visser. In order to prove the result we show that all linear orderings that are interpretable in (ℕ;+) are scattered orderings with the finite Hausdorff rank and that the ranks are bounded in the terms of the dimensions of the respective interpretations.

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Full text arXiv 2004.03404: pdf, ps.

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